Esoteric Healing:  an interpretation

By…. Wallace  F. Smith, M.A., CCH, CPEH
Personal Healing Facilitator
INEH Certified Instructor

NAEH Accredited Instructor, Certified Practitioner

"Have ever in mind that Love is energy and it is a
                             substance as real as dense matter."
                             Esoteric Healing   p 102

We all seem to be on a healing journey.  We may be attempting to heal our bodies, our emotions,
our minds, our present or past circumstantial issues.  The path one chooses is not important; rather it
is what one learns as one travels along the path that proves important.  My own journey has led me to
many wonderfully enlightened teachers and healing modalities; however, one healing science has
emerged along the way that has become primary to my understanding of health and healing.  Through
the study of Esoteric Healing, I have come to view the presence of dis-ease, or the lack of ease, as a
vehicle for learning and a path to re-member-ing  and healing.

Esoteric Healing is an approach to healing that reaches far beyond the physical body.  It  accesses and
affects not only the physical body, but treats the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being
as well.  Esoteric Healing employs the etheric energy field and utilizes the Spiritual components which
enfold all living beings.  This field is a fine network, which vitalizes and recharges the whole being.  
Esoteric Healing is directed toward creating harmonious alignment and balance within individuals as
well as with their outer world of contacts and experiences.

“We neither cure nor heal…we help people to help themselves…
               We are trying to release in our patients the power of their own
               Soul life.”
New Age Healing, by Brenda Johnston

“Esoteric” means hidden and implies that which lies behind or is further within.  Esoteric Healing is
healing from within.  It addresses the cause of disease rather than the symptoms.  Disease occurs when
the body is insufficiently nourished and unbalanced by the energy from the soul.  This healing art
calls the life of the soul into conscious activity with the person’s life.

Healing does not come through intense affirmation of divinity, or by
           simply pouring out love and the expression of a vague mysticism.  It
           comes through mastering an exact science of contact, impression, of
           invocation plus an understanding of the subtle apparatus of the
           etheric vehicle.”  
           Esoteric Healing,  by Alice A. Bailey

Through years of observation, practice, and study of many disciplines, the members of the
International Network of Esoteric Healing have developed a science of healing in the energy field.  
Practitioners learn to sensitize their hands as assessment tools, and to awaken their inner perception
and developed intuition, to examine the intricacies of the several energy fields in order to determine
restrictions in the flow.  Through a system of practical techniques, balance to the energy flow can be
restored in accordance with the Spiritual will of the recipient.  Initial concentration focuses on the
energy centers or chakras.  Each of these centers energizes or vitalizes its related nervous, endocrine,
and organ system (for example the digestive or circulatory system).

The Esoteric Healing work began in England in 1965 through the work of a small group, lead by
Brenda Johnston, whose members found that they could pinpoint weak or congested areas within the
energy field.  By facilitating the energy flow they found they could affect the physical body as well as
the more subtle levels, and healing took place.  It was not until 1973 that Brenda Johnston began
sharing this work through lectures and a series of courses.  There are currently over sixty teachers
offering Esoteric Healing courses in more than thirty countries.

The International Network of Esoteric Healing (INEH) offers Esoteric Healing courses in four parts,
each consisting of four to five days.  The courses are a balance between lecture and discussion,
practical implementation and group meditation.  Throughout the course, the emphasis is on training
the higher intuition as it is linked to the conscious mind. The work is based on the Ancient Wisdom
teachings as presented through the writings of Alice A. Bailey and the Tibetan Master Djwhal Kuhl.  
Those seeking a deeper understanding of the human being in health and disease have been drawn to
this approach.  These include medical professionals, psychologists, physical and occupational
therapists, massage therapists, other health care providers and many individuals seeking greater
spiritual awareness for self healing.

Because this form of healing work is performed without touching the individual, the benefits are
experienced on more subtle levels.  Some individuals report a deep relaxation and sense of peace, while
others are aware of subtle shifts within their physical bodies and overall energy levels.  This work
occurs at higher vibration levels, so changes occur gradually and gently as the healing energy moves
into the denser vibrations of the physical body.

One of my clients responded recently to some questions posed to her  about her experience with
Esoteric Healing and our work together.  She stated the following in the interview.

“I would be very happy to talk with you about my experiences with
Wallace Smith as a professional colleague, and as a teacher in
Esoteric Healing, as well as my experiences as recipient of Esoteric
Healing treatments, and as a student taking the training.

I will tell you, that I first knew Wallace as a colleague at the college
where we both teach, and sort of "fell into" the Esoteric Healing
treatments (where Wallace facilitated the treatments) when exploring
some healing work for a friend.  At that time, a little over two years
ago, I was having a lot of difficulty with endometriosis,   adenomyosis
and perimenopausal bleeding and pain.

I actually decided to try the treatments to strengthen my body for
surgery . . . for a complete hysterectomy.  As it turned out, I still have
not had the surgery, most of my symptoms disappeared, and my
vitality returned.

Needless to say, I am a believer of the work.  My mother, who
passed away a little over a year ago, also worked with Wallace
(remote treatments), and the changes in her during her last four
months of life were nothing short of remarkable.  I can tell you more
about that if you would like.  The bottom line is, she gave her
consent to the treatments, really knew nothing about them, but went
through incredible emotional and spiritual growth prior to passing.

Wallace, who was in Scotland at the time, would work with my
mom remotely, and email me about some of his experiences.  When
I would visit my mom, she (who knew nothing of the emails) would
describe "dreams" she had with Wallace in them . . . .and pretty
much reveal the experiences he had shared with me online!

I have completed the first two levels of the Esoteric Healing training,
and want to tell you the work is very profound, and very
liberating--physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  I am a
grounded person, trained as a scientist, and find that Esoteric
Healing is as real as antibiotics for a bacterial infection.  What I
mean is, the work makes it so very clear that we are spirits with
bodies who are able to tap into a much higher level of awareness
and existence . . . if we just allow the work to awaken us.

Wallace's personae and approach are very gentle and affirming, very

 One of my very closest friends, who underwent laser eye surgery to
correct her vision, has had a lot of trouble post surgery.  Her vision
was blurry, and she saw a lot of halos.  After two treatments with
Wallace, her vision is almost perfect, and her soul is expanding in
ways she cannot even put to language.

I could go on, but will wait to hear if and how you want to
communicate for more details.  I did want to give you a little flavor
of\ my experiences, and would be happy to tell you more if you feel
it would be helpful.

I am very glad you are interested in learning more about Esoteric
Healing.  For me it is as valuable to everyday life as a drink of
fresh water.”

Through Esoteric Healing we seek to assist our clients to become more aware of their divine essence,
and facilitate the recognition of their power within.  Therefore, we are not healers, as such, but
healing facilitators.  The client becomes the healer.


In addition to the 4 courses mentioned, there are also 4 more courses under the heading; “Advancing
in Esoteric Healing” that Wallace has
been authorized and certified to teach through the NAEH.  He
has  developed  advanced course
s entitled, “Esoteric Interpersonal Communication and Relationships
Utilizing the Rays
" and "Creating Healing Connections.....with Horses and their Human Companions   
(Spiritual Beings
coming together in loving rapport ).  He has also developed several 1 and 2 day mini-
workshops pertaining to Esoteric Healing.

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