An Esoteric Healing Encounter with Lucky

It was a rather chilly evening when I went to see ‘Lucky’, a nine year old irish born
thoroughbred. He’s  magnificent dark brown, 16.3 hand gelding.  Sandra (his person) had
asked me to come around after 7:00 pm because   “Lucky will have had his tea and will be
comfy and sorted by then.’  This particular treatment took place near a small village in Cumbria
south of Carlisle, England.  

I was asked to see him to assess and treat his spine with which he had had periodic problems,
and to help with long- term emotional difficulties he has experienced since he was a foal.  

As I approached what appeared to be a charming 18th century stable, I paused to align and
attune with the soul of the facility.  This is a spiritually connective technique that allows me to
evaluate the energy of a place – in this case, a very nice experience.  All was clear, even and I
could feel that the horses there were well-fed and cared for.  It was an inviting place with stalls
that were large, clean and well-ventilated.

Lucky was not fully aware that I was coming to see him.  He had only been told through
thought, which is fine, as energy follows thought.  As we approached his stall, he sensed his
companion and her guest.  He asked her who I was, and was I the chap she had mentioned?  
She answered “yes,” and he responded with a warm “hello.” As I aligned and attuned with
Lucky, something wonderful occurred.  Our ajnas (the 6th chakra located in the brow) really
locked on.  It was very dramatic and powerful.  He was really checking me out!  Throughout his
life he had had many negative encounters with men, and he needed to see, for sure, if I was O.
K.  This sort of connection was a new experience for him and he spent several minutes
communicating with me and enjoying our delightful shared energy.  After a bit, our heart
centers (the 4th chakra) connected and then we were ready to procede.  

Within minutes, there we were, nose to nose.

When working with a horse for the first time, I like to respect their being by remaining rather
quiet, talking with them about Love, caring and compassion.  His gentle lips found the wee
carrot nibblys I had palmed, as well.  We talked for a moment or two. I asked him about his life.  
He had been really pushed to perform early on, and sustained the rather normal pesky
injuries.  He had been bought and sold, bought and sold and was really rescued by Sandra.  

The relationship between Lucky and Sandra was precious.  They were both so grateful for
having each other in their lives.  And as tired as Lucky was, he was there for Sandra.  It has
been  -- and is -- an amazing connection.  Sandra is also a healer and has been working with
Lucky for a couple of years.  She uses a different technique but works with gracious loving

With esoteric healing, first treatments (and all treatments) begin with alignment and
attunement.  This connects the ‘client’ and the practitioner with Spiritual groundedness,
removing  personality and focusing on the spiritual being.  I then gently begin to ask the
centers (chakras) to come to balance.  At each center, I pause and work with the various subtle
energy “bodies” – the physical/etheric, then the emotional body (which are very delicate in
both horses and people), the mental body and, finally, the spiritual body. During this process,
information begins to surface.  

As I began to gently treat Lucky, I could sense his depression -- depression of an older origin,
perhaps originating in an earlier lifetime.  Since it is Love that is really the ‘healer’, we just hold
each center with love until it begins to come to balance.  There is a specific treatment protocol
we use that guides us through the centers, endocrine glands, organs and various systems at
all levels of being.  Because the treatment is guided by Spirit, information is intuitively
perceived, helping to pinpoint where a problem may exist.  For example, depression and fear
are held in the basic center (1st chakra).   Left untreated, these emotions could lead to the
expression of a urinary problem on the physical level.  

Because trust is such a profound issue, I continued to treat and reassure Lucky both verbally
and telepathically.  He responded with small stretches and soft snorts.  With first treatments,
because there is an altering of the total energy body, I don’t work deeply. I have found it best to
gently balance the entire being with homeostasis as the goal.  The treatment ended with
balancing the centers in pairs, closing the auric field and asking Spirit to bless the work.  He
was relaxed, reassured, trusting and he felt as though he had had an energetic massage.   His
head was down, he was chewing gently and I felt him smiling as we said goodnight.

As we left the stable area, we stopped to say hello to a rather  cheeky yearling, a lovely old
chap, and a couple of foals.  All had had their “tea” as well,  were calm and comfortable this
chilly evening and seemed grateful for the late night greeting.  

It will be wonderful to see them all again when I return later this spring.


Center/Chakra – Energy “vortexes” within the body where the physical/etheric, emotional,
mental and spiritual aspects of the person converge.  There are seven major charkas, known
as the basic (located at the base of the spine), sacral (located just below the naval) , solar
plexus, heart, throat, ajna (located at the brow) and the crown, (located at the top of the head).

Physical/Etheric, Emotional, Mental and  Spiritual bodies:

The various types of energy that infuse our being with life.  These non-physical aspects of the
individual are known as “subtle” bodies which radiate to create a field (or “aura”) which some
people can see surrounding the physical body.  The “etheric” body is the first “wave band” of
the aura.  It interpenetrates and surrounds the body by up to five inches.

Telepathic – The ability to communicate with another being through an exchange of energy, as
opposed to language.
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