A  4 part course can be presented in
Your Area

...........developed in May 2006

A comprehensive 4 day workshop

9:00am to 5:30 pm

...a 5th optional day can be planned for additional
practical/treatment applications

Cost: $450 for all four days.*  Includes snacks and
beverages. Lunch each day on your own or with the
group.  $100 additional fee for the 5th day.*

All inquiries and questions will be handled by Wallace
and/or a local course coordinator

* subject to change
Taught by Wallace F. Smith, this is the first in a series of four courses that teach the principles and
techniques of Esoteric Healing with an emphasis on expanding the connection between people and
their horses.  This course is available to medical and non-medical practitioners who seek a deeper
understanding of the energetic connection between health and disease.

What is Esoteric Healing?
“Esoteric” means “hidden” and implies “that which lies behind or is further within.”  Esoteric Healing
is just that – an approach to healing that accesses and affects not only the physical body, but also
treats the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the human or horse. It addresses the root cause
of the problem or disease, rather than the symptoms.

How can Esoteric Healing help horses?
Horses are complex creatures who can manifest a multitude of physical, behavioral and emotional
problems, including:
-        Unpredictable behavior, spooking or bucking without warning
-        Difficulties accepting a bridle, saddle or girth
-        Fear issues with trailering, vetting or shoeing
-        Inability to concentrate, focus or to bond with people
-        Nervousness in new environments or situations
-        Aggressive behavior such as biting, striking or kicking
-        Chronic health problems such as colic, diarrhea, heaves, laminitis
-        Performance problems due to musculoskeletal pain or arthritis

Traditional training and veterinary approaches typically address these issues from a tactical
perspective, advising the use of certain equipment, training techniques, medications and other
protocols that rarely consider the internal imbalances that may be the root cause of these
undesirable surface symptoms.  

Internal imbalances can be the result of recent or past trauma, environmental stress, or any
unresolved situation that manifests in physical or emotional problems that do not respond to
traditional techniques or therapies.  Esoteric Healing considers these problems from an energetic
perspective, seeking to balance the body emotionally and spiritually – facilitating healing “from the
inside out.”

How do I know if Esoteric Healing is for me?
-        Have you struggled with emotional and/or physical issues with your horse and are you open to
an entirely new perspective?
-        Are you looking for a way to deepen your connection to your horse?
-        Would you like to develop your intuitive abilities so you will be better able to know what your
horse is feeling or thinking?
-        Would you like to have the ability to help your horse “heal from within”?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are ready
to explore Esoteric Healing.  Chances are, your horse and his/her
issues have brought you to a place where your heart and mind
are open to a new path that embraces the spiritual connection
between all beings, and you are looking for a deeper
level of understanding.  

What will I learn?
You will learn how to work with your horse’s etheric body which is the electrical system that vitalizes
and controls the physical body.  The Level 1 course is quite practical in that it focuses on the
relationship between the physical and esoteric anatomy.  Working first with other people in the class,
you will learn how to sense the human energy field, as well as how to identify areas where imbalances
may exist, which organs in the body may be  affected, and how to apply specific protocols to re-
balance the energy and foster healing.  These skills will then be adapted to the work you will do with
your horse.  The course is approximately 60% practical work.

Emphasis will also be placed on exploring your own spiritual and energetic makeup which can impact
your relationship with your horse.  This understanding will help you further develop your intuitive
abilities, allowing you to sense what your horse is thinking or feeling.

Practical Applications
After completing the course you will have a much greater awareness of how energy influences and
affects mental, emotional and physical health in both horses and humans.

You will also have learned practical protocols that you can use to help your horse:
-        Relax before stressful events such as vetting, shoeing, trailering, showing – even just riding!
-        Let go of past trauma that may be influencing present behavior or chronic illness.*
-        Achieve internal balance that, over time, will alleviate problems such as nervousness, inability
to concentrate, unpredictability or aggression.
-        Develop a bond with you based on your ability to provide safety, comfort and healing.
-        Cope with pain during acute situations, such as after an injury or surgery, as well as recover
more quickly*
-        Recover naturally from conditions such as mild colic, heaves, muscle spasms, etc.*
-        Heal from current traumas such weaning, castration, changes in stabling or ownership,
separation from herd, etc. (thereby preventing future problems based on unresolved emotional pain
from these incidents).

* Esoteric Healing does not replace traditional veterinary treatment.  Always use your discretion in
cases of chronic or acute illness or injury and seek traditional veterinary treatment when necessary.  

Beyond Level 1
For those who aspire to a deeper understanding of the principles of esoteric healing, levels 2, 3 and
4 will also be offered over a period of 12 months following the Level 1 course.  Completion of these
levels will qualify the student to become a fully qualified practitioner of Esoteric Healing .

A short addendum to the "about Us" page.....
Wallace was an organic farmer and gardener for many years and the proud provider and companion
of "Jingles", a delightful Morgan gelding.

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