Wallace F. Smith, M.A., CCH, CPEH

  Esoteric Healing Practitioner
                                      Therapeutic Touch
                                      Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy

International Network of Esoteric Healing
                           Certified instructor/practitioner

 Institute for Bioenergy Studies
                                           Additional training and teaching
National Association for Esoteric Healing
                                            Professional member .. Acredited instructor
                                           Steering Committee,  Certification commi
                                            Certified Practitioner

Professor- Interpersonal Communication / Public Speaking / Theatre
Interpersonal Communication Consultant  for Business and Industry

Wallace is  a private  practitioner trained in Esoteric Healing, Clinical
Hypnotherapy and Therapeutic Touch.

He is a graduate of the  Institute of  Transformational Hypnotherapy in
Lansing,  Michigan, attended the Mackey Health   Institute in Coral Gables,
Florida  and has completed the highest level of training through the
International Network for Esoteric Healing
and the National Associaton for
Esoteric Healing
 studying in England and America.

At the present time, Wallace is  teaching a
dditional courses designed to   
expand the work developed in the INEH levels 1-4 courses.  He teaches the
s  work primarily in Europe, but it is all certainly available in the USA.

He has also studied with leading practitioners in Michigan, Washington, D.C.,  
Miami,  San Francisco, Vancouver, B.C.,    Ireland, Indonesia,  Australia,
Greece, Fiji, Tonga  and   Scotland.  

In addition,  he conducts  workshops, internationally,
(recently in France, Poland,  Scotland, Hawaii, Crete
England and the USA) in Interpersonal Communication,
Conflict Management,  post level 4 seminars in Esoteric
Healing, as well as,  a series   entitled, “A Celebration of  
Healing…..Awaken the Flow,”
 and life changing seminar on ... Listening

He is an  ordained Minister  with  the  World Congregational  Fellowship
Church, a Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Communication and taught
Interpersonal  Communication,  Public  Speaking and  Theatre  at  Oakland  
Community  College  in  Auburn Hills, MI., and
is a certified instructor  with the  
International Network for Esoteric Healing, the Institute for Bioenergy Studies
and the National Association for Esoteric Healing.

For many years, Wallace  was  active in the professional theatre and film
world as an actor/director/producer.  In addition, he produced, directed,  
wrote and performed in  a chambre theatre production that toured the world.  
It was an entertaining production for all ages and demographics, and
included in its subtext aspects of conflict resolution, problem solving and
positive value building.  Truly a "Peace-Love" project.

In 1983, the Theatre at the Orchard Ridge Campus of Oakland Community
College was dedicated in his honor .   It is now known as the:  
Wallace F.  Smith Performing Arts Theatre.

He is also available for a
event on  Scottish and  Irish
Ancient  Sacred Sites,
kilt and all .
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