I am pleased to be able to bring you an article about  Esoteric Healing  written by Jane Hodges.
The article presents a candid and fun observation of her  experiences with the course work and with
Esoteric Healing in northern England.

    These courses are available to medical and non-medical practitioners
and those simply interested in
 seeking a deeper understanding of the
human being in health and disease.  During the course, techniques are
taught and practiced which form the basis of a Science of Healing in the
Energy Field.  Emphasis is on  training the higher intuition as it is linked to
the conscious mind.  Participants learn to work with etheric energies from
the Soul level by balancing and healing the energy centers or Chakras,
ultimately invoking Soul into conscious activity in a person’s life.

¤  To invoke the soul as the healer within the form; to infuse every part of the personality and to
discover what prevents the healing process in each person .
¤ To explore techniques for the transmission of energy to all parts of the personality —        
physical/ etheric, emotional and mental.
¤   Self-awareness and self-healing.
¤   Understanding the subjective cause of disease.
¤  Understanding the seven principles and vehicles for consciousness and the related chakras.
¤ To learn about the function and purpose of energy triangles.
¤   To learn the value of group consciousness.
¤   The uses of Esoteric Healing in daily life.

¤  In-depth study of the etheric body and the chakra system.
¤  Working with the formulae which connect the soul of the healer
with the soul of the client.
¤ Understanding the 10 laws and the 6 rules of Esoteric Healing.
¤  Practical techniques for balancing the chakras and restoring the
energy triangles between the major and minor chakras.
¤  The esoteric causes of disease.
¤ Teaching on meditation and the building of the antahkarana.
¤  The 7 rays and their conditioning effect on health and disease.
¤  An overview of esoteric astrology in relation to health and
¤  An overview on cosmology as per the teachings of Djwhal Khul
and Alice Bailey.
¤   The science of dying.

Course work is taught in 4 parts, each requiring a seminar intensive of 4 days.  Sessions are
balanced with lecture, discussion, practical application and group meditation.  Succssful
completion of all 4 parts will total 120-125 hours of course work and application
for certification
can be obtained
The syllabus (for levels 1 through 4) is based on the
original courses taught since 1973 by Brenda Johnston.
The syllabi for  Levels 5 through 8 were designed by
Barbara Briner, D.O.,CPEH.  The remainder of the
courses were created by Wallace Smith, M.A., CPEH.
        Esoteric Healing courses
Beginning levels 1  -  4
                                       FACILITATED BY WALLACE SMITH
Brenda Johnston