Jane's Article
“Learning the Dance of Love”©

                           An Introduction to Esoteric Healing;
                      the art of healing through the energy field.

                                                  By Jane Hodges

We sped through the Northumbrian countryside, cheered by the sight of the sun falling on
rolling acres of yellow rapeseed. Despite the exciting prospect of a weekend away and a
four-day healing workshop, my two friends and I were feeling an underlying grumpiness.
Putting this down to the residue of “one of those weeks” (and in my case, a grizzly new
haircut), we arrived at the luscious grounds of the Cancer Bridge Centre. Waiting for us
was our instructor, Wallace Smith.

Wallace’s smooth, hypnotic tones and easy humour soon began to warm us up. As he told
us, he is a “laid-back Yank” with a “hotchpotch teaching style”, which invites you to relax and surrender to it.  His advice was to stay open-minded,
have fun, and most of all “don’t expect this to make sense”.  We melted into a group meditation and I wondered what this would lead to.  I had
found myself setting off on this journey with Esoteric Healing almost by accident. After going to Wallace’s introductory lecture on a whim,  I  now
found myself here and about to find out what it was exactly that made our instructor “get the bigger picture” after many years of studying other
healing modalities, including hypnotherapy and Therapeutic Touch.

I had been intrigued and impressed by his case studies of people with diverse conditions such as lupus, endometriosis and kidney stones.  All
had experienced deep healing after treatment. Esoteric Healing is a growing, but not a widely known and understood healing art.  Its name
implies the unseen nature of the energy anatomy of the human being. It is a precise healing modality, which works entirely in the receiver’s bio-
energetic field.  During the session, the practitioner is located at minimum only a few feet away and uses their hands to assess, scan, treat and
sweep the receiver’s energy field.

As the practitioner gracefully works around the body, it looks as though they are engaged in a gentle dance routine.  My fellow budding “dancers”
all had a professional interest in health; as nurses, physiotherapists, reflexologists and massage therapists. We were told however, that there is
no need for any special knowledge prior to taking the Level One course - the only requisite is an open mind.

My background is in Reiki and I was interested to see how the two methods compared.
Before launching into the first practical sessions, we were introduced to the basic premises of Esoteric Healing. Importantly, the emphasis in
treating is to bring balance rather than to heal, as from a point of equilibrium the body heals itself. We are facilitators, not healers.  As Wallace
“Through Esoteric Healing, we seek to assist our clients to become more aware of their divine essence and to facilitate the
recognition of their power within.  Therefore, we are not healers as such, but healing facilitators.  The client becomes the healer
through their expanded awareness.”

We discussed the principles of healing and disease as stated by Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul, where they taught that “all dis-ease
is the result of inhibited soul life”.  We learned a powerful alignment technique to connect ourselves to our Soul Light and to
Source. This technique is an essential part of the treatment, which allows us to work from the heart and in accordance with the Will
of the Soul of the person being treated.

Energy follows thought.  We are all spiritual beings having a human experience.  Building on these two fundamental beliefs, Wallace taught us
to use our conscious intention to work with the various levels of the etheric body, major and minor chakras, organs, systems and glands.  Finding
out about the psychological resonance of the human anatomy and each system’s relationship to the chakras was fascinating.

On to the practical work……I expected it to be difficult at this initial stage, but Wallace expertly guided us through exercises to sensitize our
hands and awaken our intuition. We learned to sense the energies for ourselves in our own way; encouraged to trust our own experience and go
with it. As Wallace would repeat, there are no “supposed to-isms”.
Some people are visually intuitive, while others feel or even hear the energies.  All learn to interpret imbalances and blockages based on their
individual technique.

Although it is a “hands-off” method, I found it to be incredibly intimate and highly specific. Most of us knew nothing about the health of the others in
the class, but we found  we were already sensing each other’s imbalances surprisingly accurately as we glided  around in their auric field. The
alignment technique seems to heighten the intuition, bringing swirls of insight.

So what are the similarities and differences I found in comparison with Reiki?  Both use life force energy, which flows through the practitioner to
the receiver, in accordance with the needs of their Soul and for their higher good. With Reiki, this is given through an attunement from the Reiki
Master or practitioner, whereas, in Esoteric Healing it is considered to be an alignment to Source.  Both are based on a rediscovery of ancient
wisdom and the basic premise, “energy follows thought”. Each technique promotes relaxation and helps to balance the whole person, on a
physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. The treatments techniques differ in that a Reiki practitioner usually uses direct touch in a
succession of hand positions. Esoteric healing is done from a distance of a couple of metres, with the receiver sitting in a comfortable chair.

Reiki can be learnt to practitioner level after two short courses, with Mastery
after three levels (each workshop takes one or two days). To become a practitioner in Esoteric Healing with the International Network of Esoteric
Healing requires four
levels of training, each taking four to five days to complete, which includes some in-depth study of the etheric body, spiritual anatomy, precise
steps for balancing energy triangles, the seven rays and cosmology - as per the teachings of Djwhal Khul and Alice Bailey. To qualify as an
instructor of Esoteric Healing is a lengthy process. The practitioner must have been in public practice for at least three years and then follow a
teacher training programme for a further two to three years.  My understanding is that the two modalities perfectly compliment each other as tools
for healing and personal development.

We all seem to be on a healing journey.  We may be attempting to heal our bodies, our emotions, our minds, our present or past
circumstantial issues.  The path one chooses is not important; rather it is what one learns as one travels along the path that proves
important.  My own journey has led me to many wonderfully enlightened teachers and healing modalities. However, one healing
science has emerged along the way that has become primary to my understanding of health and healing.  Through the study of
Esoteric Healing, I have come to view the presence of dis-ease, or the lack of ease, as a vehicle for learning and a path to re-member-
ing  and healing.

Esoteric Healing is an approach to healing that reaches far beyond the physical body.  It accesses and affects not only the physical
body, but treats the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being as well.  Esoteric Healing employs the etheric energy field
and utilizes the spiritual components which enfold all living beings.  This field is a fine network, which vitalizes and recharges the
whole being.  Esoteric Healing is directed toward creating harmonious alignment and balance within individuals as well as with their
outer world of contacts and experiences.  (Wallace Smith)

Wallace had warned us that this workshop would change us all in some way, and some in
the group began to have emotional releases a couple of days into the course. He told me
that he often sees a great change in people as they study and practice through the four
levels.  They begin to discover who they really are. Their relationships grow and change as they become increasingly aware of their Soul and
begin to operate from that awareness, rather than their Personality.

One lady, Judy, went through a profound sense of grief, anger and confusion, which
erupted on the third day. She says, “I went through hell during the weekend, then after
the feelings subsided on Sunday, I went on to have the best day of my entire life. I have
never had such an intense experience of being alive. This course gave me an opportunity
to look at the same things in a different way and really explore. It was very powerful.”

As this first course progressed, my energies soared.  It was most probably the result of receiving so many treatments as we practiced. During the
sessions, some felt light movement or nothing at all, whereas, for others it brought up memories, feelings or visions. After each treatment I felt so
calm, I could even think loving thoughts towards my hairdresser.  So what was the verdict?  I came away from the course with a much clearer
understanding of energy healing - which has put everything else I have learned over the years into perspective.  It “filled in the gaps” and gave me
a new awareness I can apply to all my work. The alignment technique we learned is very useful, especially in group situations.  I have used it in
interviews and in meetings to help bring mutual understanding. Already, after just the level one stage, I can do basic treatments on myself and
others, distance treatments and work on groups.

I hope to study all four levels.  My curiosity has been fully awakened, especially on the
subject of the seven rays.  I want to know more about Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul’s
teachings. As her books are so unwieldy, I am glad there is a more enjoyable way to
absorb the knowledge!

When asked, “What led you to Esoteric Healing?”, Wallace responded:
 “As a child, I had experienced an instantaneous healing.  I was
healed instantaneously of chronic eczema. I had also witnessed a few other instantaneous healings. Throughout my life, I remained
curious about these phenomenal experiences, however, didn’t take an active interest for many years.  I did though, begin to study
various sciences and healing modalities in an attempt to discern the reasons; the “whys and wherefores” of how events like these
could occur.   

I traveled about the world studying with several teachers and healers, practiced various modalities and thoroughly enjoyed the
process.  However, when I was exposed to the concepts taught in Esoteric Healing I felt I had “come home”, as it were.  My primary
teacher was a physician in Michigan, Dr. Barbara Briner, and her approach not only included all the spiritual concepts necessary for
understanding, but also included allopathic/anatomical/physiological correlative knowledge necessary for complete understanding of
the total “constitution” of the human being.  Even though the other studies I had been involved with were wonderful, enlightening
and very useful, my new course of study was more complete and comprehensive. "

Wallace Smith is a private practitioner in Esoteric Healing, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Therapeutic Touch. He is an internationally certified
teacher and trainer through the International Network for Esoteric Healing (INEH).  He is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus in  Interpersonal
Communication, Public Speaking and Theatre and an Interpersonal Communications Consultant  for Business and Industry.   Wallace has
conducted  workshops internationally in Scotland, England, Hawaii, France, Crete, Poland and the United States.  

In the USA contact Wallace at   
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