Other Services We Provide

Interpersonal Communication Workshops
available for the work place, particularly service
oriented businesses.   

New employee orientation
Caring in the workplace
.....and others

Weddings, Memorial Services and other
Sacred Ceremonies.......
references available

Personal Appointments for Esoteric Healing.  
In person appointments on Mondays and
Fridays.  Distance appointments are also

Scottish and Irish Ancient Sacred Sites
Program   (see web page)
Locally know as the "Split Rock" ...it is also known
to many as "The Praying Hands of Mary."     This
natural formation, an ancient sacred site, is an
important spot in the earths sacred geometric grid.
Advancing in Esoteric Healing.......     
(courses available on request.....at your location)

( 1 ) The Path of the Lighted Way *     through the auspices of the NAEH

The purpose of the course is to expand our  knowledge and understanding of the
training that precedes this course in the INEH levels 1- 4.  This course will provide
the student with  additional treatment protocols; such as, new work dealing with
the spine, spleen, eyes, the autonomic nervous system, ray analysis, treatment
with the rays, healing the past,  discovering the petals of the soul and working with
them, and other wonderful additions to the work.  It is important that the
participants have worked with the centers on the head.

( 2 ) Homeward Bound

This course expands the areas worked with in "The Path of the Lighted Way."  
Further development in working in the Spiritual Body with emphasis in the
Manasic, Buddhic and Atmic planes.

( 3 ) Cycles of Life: Spirit to Spirit
Further development of the work

( 4 )   The Blue Pearl
Further development... very exciting      
* These courses must be taken in sequence

We also offer "refresher weekend" courses for all  courses...
Esoteric Interpersonal Communication and Relationships Utilizing
the Rays
 developed by Wallace Smith

A Workshop that can be tailored to  your group needs.  Designed to fit a 2 day or 4
day format.
This course will help you to understand human communication .  Topics include
language, perception, conflict management and listening.  You will learn how to
understand your significant other from the point of view of their Ray components
and how to communicate more effectively.    A moderate  understanding of the
Rays is necessary.
Listening: a Spiritual process

This is a life changing...very special seminar for Esoteric students , as well as, folks
who are experiencing "communication' difficulties.  A must-take experience for all
healing practitioners......