The  International  Network  of  Esoteric  Healing

                                                         ESOTERIC HEALING
                                                 A Certificated Course in 4 parts

                                             with …. Wallace F. Smith, M.A., CCH
                                                   Personal Healing Facilitator
                                              INEH, NAEH Certified Instructor


  The existence of the energy field and its use in healing has been known for thousands of years, especially in ancient Egypt,
India and China. It is only recently, however, that modern Western Science has realized its significance.
 In 1965, a radar scientist discovered a method of assessing and treating a person’s energy field in ways that promoted Physical,
Emotional, Mental  and  Spiritual  balance.  Brenda Selby Johnston (an  Arcane School graduate) combined this knowledge  
with a  meticulous  analysis  of  the  work  of  Alice  A. Bailey  and Tibetan teacher, Master Djwhal Khul, and began to teach
courses in 1973.  
 The energy field permeates and surrounds all living beings.  It is the scaffolding for the structure of our physical body.  
 Within the energy field of each person are seven major centers (Chakras).  Each of these centers energize and vitalize its related
nerve center, endocrine gland and internal organ systems.  It is within these seven energy fields that the cause of Physical,
Emotional, Mental and Spiritual imbalance seems to be located.  
 By the use of various balancing techniques, we can bring the client's energy field to a more flowing healthy state.  Esoteric
Healing makes no claim to cure illness and disease, but rather to heal.  Although illness is sometimes cured, healing is a
personal journey that awakens our Divine Spark within, allowing us to be at one with Universal Spirit.

 As we achieve and maintain that balance, healing on all levels has a wonderful opportunity to occur.

 Esoteric Healing is an approach to healing that reaches far beyond the physical body.  It   accesses  and  affects not only the
physical body, but treats the Emotional, Mental & Spiritual aspects of our being as well. Esoteric Healing employs the Etheric
energy field and utilizes the Spiritual components which enfold all living beings.  This field is a fine network, which vitalizes and
recharges the whole being.   Esoteric Healing is directed towards creating harmonious alignment and balance within individuals
as  well as with their outer world of contacts and experiences.    
 “We neither cure nor heal…we help people to help themselves…  We  are trying to release in our  patients the power of their
own Soul life.”        New age Healing, by Brenda Johnson
   “Esoteric” means hidden and implies that which lies behind or is further within.  Esoteric Healing is healing from within.    
It  addresses the cause of disease rather than the  symptoms.  Disease occurs when the body is insufficiently nourished and
unbalanced by the energy from the Soul.  This healing art calls the life of the Soul into conscious  activity with the person’s life.


¤ In-depth study of the Etheric body and the    
 chakra system.
¤  Working with the formulae which connect the
  Soul of the healer with the Soul of the client.
¤  Understanding the 10 laws and the 6 rules of
  Esoteric Healing.
¤  Practical techniques for balancing the chakras  
  and restoring the energy triangles between
  the major and minor chakras.
¤  The esoteric causes of disease.
¤  Teaching on meditation and the building of
  the antahkarana.
¤  The 7 rays and their conditioning effect on
  health and disease.
¤  An overview of esoteric astrology in relation
  to health and disease.
¤ An overview on cosmology as per the teachings                                 
  of  Djwhal Khul and Alice Bailey.
¤  The science of dying.

  The training complements and reinforces all other western and eastern medical treatment systems, both orthodox and

Course work is taught in 4 levels, each  level being delivered over 4 days.  Sessions are balanced with tutorials, discussion,
practicals  and group meditation. Each consecutive course follows in 3-4 months , giving time for assimilation and practice.   
Successful completion of all 4 parts will qualify an individual to apply for  INEH-UK Practitioner Certification, if desired.

Wallace F. Smith, M.A., CCH

  Wallace is a private practitioner trained in Esoteric Healing, Clinical Hypnotherapy
and Therapeutic Touch.  He has completed the INEH’s highest level of training and is
also a certified instructor with the INEH and the National Association for Esoteric Healing USA.
  He is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus in Interpersonal Communication, Public Speaking
and Theatre and an Interpersonal Communication Consultant for Business and Industry.
  Wallace has conducted workshops internationally in Scotland, England, Hawaii, France,
Crete, Poland and the United States.  ( See the website for more information)


Web site:    WWW.EsotericHealingLove.Com

*Please note that the dates are tentative but close….. we usually get consensus from the group for the upper levels.   We will set
the location so it is most convenient for the majority.   

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                                               Have ever in mind that Love is energy and it is a     
                                                          substance as real as dense matter.
                                                             Esoteric Healing   p 102